Hand crafted, hand painted wooden wall plaques

We use only the best materials for our decorative wall plaques. Each one is hand crafted and painted by local artists. Wall plaques are approximately 12 x 7 inches, have a clear lacquer finish and routed slot in the back for easy hanging.

Below is a sampling of what you will find in our store:

rtHave you gotten a Round Tuit yet?
What a conversation piece!
(Round Tuits are not hand painted.)
“Round Tuit” wall plaque. 7 ” in diameter
RT $7.95
GBA “God Bless America” wall plaque.
(Not hand painted.)
1118 $10.95
1119“Land of the Free” wall plaque.
(Not hand painted.)
1008“Welcome each new day” with mixed roses and hummingbird..
1008 $12.95
1009“Welcome each new day” with pink roses and hummingbird..
1009 $12.95
1010“Welcome each new day” with pink roses, hummingbird and butterfly.
1010 $12.95
1005“Welcome to our home” heart shape with red roses.
1005 $12.95
1011“Welcome each new day” with pink roses and butterfly..
1011 $12.95