Our Top 6 Old Ladder Home Decor Ideas

There are several ways you can make a decor or functional
furniture out of an old ladder. It may seem impossible to
add character to an otherwise barren room with just an old
ladder. But, after you’ve read through this article,
you’ll surely be inspired to find a vintage ladder on your
next trip to the thrift store.


Magazine Rack – hanging your magazines may be a new way to
display them and make them accessible.

Bookshelf – you might need more than one ladder and some
boards to achieve a good piece of shelving for your books.

All Purpose Rack – get some hooks and you can use the
ladder as a rack for your potsĀ or towels.

Nightstand – place your to-read books, bedside lamp and
glass of water where you can easily reach it.

Wardrobe – hang your clothes out in the open for
accessibility and better organization.

Shoe Rack – keep your shoes within your sight by hanging
them on the ladder rungs with their heels.

Before you throw out an old ladder, there are several ways
you can reuse it. Just think creatively so you can add a
pop to your room decor.